Work 2020.08.07

The ladies toilets cistern were not working properly and Mr Forlee had time today to come and fix them so we needed to go out as well. Apart from discussing the toilet problems with him we also managed to do the following:

  • Replaced the wires under the soil in the misting house which meant removing all the seed boxes, scooping out grit, laying out the new wire and putting everything back. The thermostat also needs replacing before it all will work again.
  • Fixed the outside light by the workshop back onto the wall which meant drilling the holes bigger and using bigger rawbolts.
  • Moved trees in the nursery to make room for the new plastic to be folded out and then weeding and putting the trees back.
  • Carried on cutting down keurboom by the arboretum, one battery charge of the pruner at the time.
  • Checked up on the birdhide, discovered a bottlebrush infestation to be sorted and people leaving their rubbish behind.
  • Enjoyed the sight of two Egyptian geese landing on the water and feeding.