July 2014


The story of the leaking pipe continues. After our heroic efforts to seal the leak in the cement pipe in the mud last time we went back last Wednesday to reconnect the join in the pipe. What an impossible job that turned out to be as we could not manage to bring the two ends […]

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Time to catch up as blogging hasn’t exactly been number one priority as far as Van Stadens is concerned, there was little positive to report. Take last Wednesday, we removed the tree that had fallen on the overhead pipeline, in doing so I broke the support wire, managed to fix it, added a lot more

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A rainy day

We should have paid closer attention to the weather report, after all it warned us that it would rain today. We first fetched 11 bags of compost again and were delayed by Mr. Vermaak needing a chat. It had rained in PE the two previous days so we decided to weed in the entrance circle

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To the fort

The monthly meeting was on yesterday and a walk to the fort in Longmore Forest was the objective. The weather was quite unpredictable, it turned out quite fresh with a light breeze, ideal for walking. Unfortunately some people didn’t pitch so the cost of the permit that Ellie went to a lot of trouble for

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