March 2015

Nymph trail

It was still necessary to do some more work on the Nymph trail and try to convince Sisanie (we have always called him Pottaman but apparently that was wrong) to mow the remaining sections. While on the trail we noticed the Dodda was flowering. We also continued cleaning the pine tree up.

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Bird hide

As promised I took a few pics of the bird hide. Still a work in progress by the looks of it as Neil has added a curtain to block out the backlight from the door. It is certainly lovely to sit there and enjoy the view even if you are not a birder like myself

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Run and hide

I see it is nearly a month ago since I last blogged, since then quite a few things have happened. Not least of those is the building of a bird hide at the edge of the Arboretum. I’m ashamed that I have not yet taken a photo of the structure, an omission which will surely

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