September 2015

Geocaching day

The annual Geocaching event took place at the Reserve today in much better weather than the persistent rain last year. We got roped in to man what they call roadblocks but didn’t mind because at these roadblocks the six teams had to do some work for us. Tree planting: Ellie in charge of the planting

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More preparations

Heads down today sorting out plants for the sale, no end to moving and sorting, from the greenhouse and shade house to the nursery, grouping like plants together, more dotting etc. It is all coming together and with the new signs it looks rather professional, unfortunately too busy to take pics. We also found out

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Lean to

Today’s main job was to put the shade cloth on the revamped shade house lean to. Apart from issues with the stapler it went well and we are happy with the result. The floor is very uneven so I have asked Sisanie to bring some soil when it is a bit drier so I can

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No, not the month but the new interim manager. Goodman is on a month leave and in the meantime December has been seconded from Settlers Park to look after the Reserve and he is cracking the whip. All of the staff are weeding and trimming both traffic circles amongst other things. I have never seen

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Be prepared

Soon the Open Day will be upon us and still plenty to do to get ready in the nursery. Fortunately most of the usual suspects responded to our plea and got going, sorting, naming, weeding, dotting and moving. The news signs make it a lot easier to identify and group the plants and will give

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