July 2016


Moving Proteas to the platform before very Open Day is a schlepp and it would be much easier to move them earlier and also straight from the shade house. Two problems, water and wind. The first one was solved a little while ago when the I managed to open the rusted stopcock of the water

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Mandela Day

A mixed group from Woodridge and Eton College came to give us a hand today with some of the things we would have liked to do but didn’t have time for. We split them in three groups of eight. Rob and Keith were in charge of the Podylaria assault. Ellie took the Eton rugby team

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Ride on

Ellie decided a while ago that it would be a good idea to fix the ride on mower which has been languishing for about five years in the shed with a broken engine. She used her charms on the various committee members to get them to agree and this is the result: Tony does not

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