August 2014

Picnic bench

At last the rebuilding of the picnic bench out of the remnants of the old ones was finished in my workshop and, rather than re-assembling it on a Wednesday with all the accompanying distractions, we decided to go out on Saturday and take our time about it. I had marked out all the pieces so […]

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Braai at last

Various groups visiting the Reserve have expressed the desire to be able to braai in the Reserve and we have been asked to come up with suggestions how the old aviary could be used. The aviary was used a long time ago to rehabilitate poisoned or injured raptors and had turned into a real eyesore

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Just an update as the whole story with our water supply has not been conducive to writing. Our workparty last Saturday predictably did not attract a whole bunch of people. We expected that and did not organize much work, in fact the first hour or so was spent just chatting and after that some weeding

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