September 2014


About thirty geocaching enthusiasts descended on the Reserve today. The organizer, Brenton, had gone to a lot of trouble during the past few weeks to hide caches throughout the Reserve and to find suitable clues and tasks to help Fovs. It was a fantastic group of people, so enthusiastic and, in spite of the rain, […]

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Getting close

The Open Day is getting close and there is still a fair amount of preparation to be done. Fortunately we had a good turnout of helpers today and Ellie, Cathy, Riana and newcomer Paul managed to colour-code almost all of the bags in the nursery so it will be easy to determine prices. We also

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Inaugural Braai

We had our monthly meeting today with the best turnout to date. Our guest speaker. the well known raptor expert Arnold Slabbert must have been an excellent draw card.  He made it very clear to us that treating problem animals such as rodents with rat poison is a very bad practice and he showed us

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