May 2016

Woodridge visit

Today Adrian Odgers and Ellie entertained and educated a fairly large group of Woodridge students while I started on preparing the site where the new bird hide will go. Adrian stayed in the nursery and introduced the students to the wonderful world of orchids with some fascinating stories. Ellie in the meantime took the groups […]

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The Dell

Work today mainly consisted of what we have been doing the past weeks. It will be a long hard slog to make the arboretum a little bit presentable in the next few months. Apart from the Wednesday Workers doing a bit every week there isn’t much enthusiasm from anyone else in our extended group (where

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The new bench

Last year the picnic bench at the Bridge Lookout disappeared and, thanks to Ellie’s efforts, the Botanical Society kindly agreed to donate one. We asked for delivery on the day of our monthly meeting so we would have enough able bodies to mix some concrete to make this bench a little more difficult to remove.

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