Mr. Matsha

Suddenly after Wesley Berrington’s death in July 2012 Mr Matsha saw himself as acting manager.
Mr Goodman Matsha who was employed in 1998 had followed a conservation course, encouraged by Wesley Berrington to get this qualification.
After almost a year he was appointed as manager.
Mr. Goodman Matsha was extremely good in plant knowledge being taught by Gwen Skinner and later on by Wesley Berrington
Mr. Matsha found the Leucospermum formosum in the section in front of the conference centre. He also found a Protea lepidocarpodendron at the foot of the Ladyslipper, unfortunately both got burnt.
In 2013 he got three Groen Sebenza learners to work for him.The interns had to leave by 2015.
The South African National Biodiversity Institute (SANBI) had embarked on a major skills development and job creation pilot programme in 2013, Groen Sebenza, a Jobs Fund Partnership Project funded by the National Treasury.
Groen Sebenza was aimed at developing priority skills in the biodiversity sector to create sustainable job opportunities for 800 unemployed graduates and non-graduates (school leavers with a matric certificate) for a period of two and a half years.
Groen (in Afrikaans meaning green) Sebenza (meaning work in isiZulu) brought young South Africans from previously disadvantaged backgrounds together with experienced biodiversity professionals to learn, grow and eventually gain the competence and confidence to embark on rewarding and meaningful biodiversity careers. Groen Sebenza was officially launched on 08 June 2013.
In 2016 they got employed.
After the big fire in 2017 the staff cleaned up the burned sticks in front of the conference centre.
The younger rangers wanted to also put up a couple of Alien twigs in the flower house to educate the visitors. Therefore FOVS put up an alien poster.
In October the staff concreted one of the three picnic benches in and a dirt bin next to the flower house.
They made a new pedestrian bridge to replace one of the two burned ones.
Mr. Matsha noticed a Klipspringer in the reserve. After having caught one on camera earlier in the year and this one it can be said that they are back!
Mr. Matsha was honoured on the 1st of December 2017 with a visit of the Mayor, Mr. A. Trollip to the reserve.