October 2016

Nymph Trail

At the moment it is heads down getting the nursery in order and propagating/potting stuff so there isn’t anything interesting to blog about our activities on Wednesdays. I noticed that our weather station had stopped communicating with the internet and that bugged me so much that we just had to go out yesterday to find […]

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It was a whirlwind of activities today with the main focus getting the nursery back in shape again after the sale. Of course the other chores do not stop so Rob and Cathy attended to this month’s section of the hacking program while Jenny looked after the trees in the Arboretum. In quick succession these

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Open Day 2016

The alarm went off rather early to be at Van Stadens in time to do all the usual things such as putting the tables out, banners up, organizing stalls etc. First off were the runners, there were about 120 of them and the comments afterwards were very positive. Perhaps the ideal weather after a week

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The day before

Tomorrow is the big day and now is the time for the cut flowers. We went to the mountain to collect some P. cynaroides but the flowering season is late this year and there was also some evidence that illegal picking has taken place. We still managed to get a nice variety of of Leucodendrons

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