Pump at last

After all the wiring and the first test run last week it needed a small change to the Raspberry program to make the pump controller live. It was quite nerve wracking to have set it for 10 o’clock and having to wait and it was a relief that it worked flawlessly.

In the meantime Jenny had gone off to the Arboretum to water the trees and she came back enthusing over the new tap with a much better reach. Porcupines have munched a few of the young trees so probably some more protection is needed.

Elle attacked the braai furniture with sandpaper and varnish and, oh boy, what a difference it makes, everything gleaming in the sunlight.

Ria Kemp arrived a little later, all keen to do some weeding and I pointed her towards the Gladiolus which badly needed grass removal.

Then Goodman arrived with two potential members for Fovs but it soon turned out that they are not really interested in Fovs but have their own grandiose ideas and want to take over. It will be interesting to see how it develops.

Jenny had to leave for town and the afternoon was spent by the three of us doing at lot of weeding and organizing in the nursery and, although we managed to do quite a lot, it is really hard to get on top of things with so few of us.

I had set the sprinklers to go off at 16h00 and it was great to sit and have a cup of coffee while the system did its thing all by itself.