Pipeline – connected 2011.03.26

Saturday, 5 March 2011

Today a big push, pardon the pun, to get the pipe through to the end of the servitude and to get it connected to the old asbestos pipe by the track. Neil had organized all the connections, unfortunately he had made the connection for a 32mm pipe and we had used a 40mm pipe for the first section. No worry, we decided to rather use the stronger 40mm section later to get across the valley so we pulled the 40mm out and replaced it with a length of 32mm HDPE pipe.

We are tired of having to drive to the main valve all the time when we want to quickly turn the water on or off so we incorporated a stopcock which comes in rather handy.

The first half of the servitude was rather easy compared to the second one. There the route veered off onto the land which apparently had been cultivated before and the old pipe had been ploughed through in quite a few places. This of course meant having to dig it up and route the new pipe into the next section.

In spite of that we got to the end of the servitude where the pipe went right underneath a large pine tree and we didn’t manage to get the new pipe through. We did however get through with our poking stick and Neil was optimistic enough to go check by the quarry if water flowed through and amazingly enough it did.

Cause for celebration…