Stream restoration

After the great fire of 2017 the dormant seeds of many aliens woke up and the battle began to clear away large stand of Acacia longifolia throughout the reserve. Almost an impossible task but with some help from Working On Fire we managed to get on top of it and let the indigenous vegetation recover successfully.

Ellie applying Kaput after cutting down thousands of Acacia longifolia

The exception though is the stream which borders the reserve to the north and west where wattle, bluegum, sesbania and others have taken over in a big way. Especially the north-eastern corner where the reserve extends some way across the stream has been of concern for some time. Ellie and Rudi started clearing but soon realized it was impossible with our limited resources.

buffalo stream
buffalo stream

We submitted proposals to Working For Water, discussed with management, approached some environmental societies, all to no avail until we showed the area to Vusi and he spoke the magic words: “We can do it”

Vusi works for Working on Fire and has taken the interests of the Reserve to heart. He voluntary opens and closes the gate, does mowing and helps us with various tasks we deem necessary.

Doing our bit

So, in his private capacity, he organized some friends and got stuck in over a number of weekends under sometimes adverse and very hot conditions to clear the area we demarcated for him. It is a great way to use the funds we generate through our Open Day to benefit the local community.

The job is far from over with lots of follow up still to be done but the back is broken, all the aliens are down, pioneer trees such as Keurbooms and other seedlings are thriving and we started a program to plant some appropriate indigenous trees back as well.

Cunonia looking good

There is still a lot to be done on the neighbour’s property. He has promised that in time to come he will also get rid of the bluegums so we are hopeful that in time to come the stream will become another asset the the Wild Flower Reserve.

We shall overcome