Pipeline – the servitude 2011.03.26

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Our attention is now shifting to tracing the old asbestos pipe on Mr, Gibson’s property to see if it is at all useable. Our marker is the pine tree at the end of what seems to be an old track and what could be a servitude for the pipe.

To the left of Ellie you see a clump of trees on top of the far hill, that is our destination, you can see it is a far way to go, better not to think of it too much and eat it like an elephant, one bite at the time. Here we look the other way at the servitude and the only way to find the pipe is to dig across it until we find the pipe.

We start at a likely looking place and it doesn’t take too before we hit paydirt, the pipe is broken though and I do a makeshift repair with some black roofing material.

We are curious and drive around again to open the main valve, drive back and yep….

So far so good.