Monthly meeting

Ellie’s posting to Facebook, I can’t say it any better:

A HUGE thank you to the 8 people that came to our monthly meeting! Although all of us were the core group.Though in the arboretum, we got 7 big burned trees taken down and cut into pieces. A lot of alien trees cut and poisoned, lots of Bryophyllums taken out. A big corner all burned and dead bush removed plus another section also dead bushes and branches etc. removed. Another 7 trees got planted. Lots of brush-cutting along the edges etc. got done and our now nearly 100 trees that we recently planted got watered! We all came out black from the burned stuff, bleeding from cuts and sore from cutting though feeling very good with what we achieved. Well done all! Nearly all of the burnt trees at the entrance to the Arboretum have now been felled. There is still lots to do to make the place attractive, good to see though that, in spite of the drought the fynbos is recovering well and, thanks to the diligent watering and mulching, the trees are doing great.

A few of us stayed behind for a well deserved braai and the odd refreshment.