When one goes to the Reserve as often as the core group does one gets used to what the place looks like so I thought it might be useful to highlight a few places where there might be room for improvement.

Let’s start with the “furniture”, the picnic benches and an idea to salvage something from the burnt rondavel in the arboretum:


Not exactly an inviting picture, the benches are so far gone that they need replacing.

Looking at the burnt rondavel, with some imagination it could be fixed up with a new roof and some benches to be used as a picnic site when it rains.


Turning to the nursery there are some pressing maintenance items:



The rot truly has set in here, shade cloth needs replacing, shelves need to be covered and secured, rotted wood needs to be replaced.

In the nursery itself there is also lots to be done, planting, weeding, re-bagging, pruning, sorting, levelling.


The arboretum needs lots of work to make it presentable to visitors. After the fire there are still lots of dead trees to be cut down, newly planted trees to be looked after, unwanted plants removed and a roster of regular mowing established.


The signage still leaves a lot to be desired with fire damaged signs, sun bleached signs, out-dated maps and uninspiring notice boards.


Then there are numerous other places where improvements can be made, water supply issues, seed collection, trails etc., unfortunately way too many for the small group of active participants to tackle so we need a plan. Your input is welcome!