2021 January meeting

Work done

Present: Ellie, Rudi, Neil, Rasheed, Chris, Debbie and Merike

Took trailer full of plants and brushcutter with new airfilter.

Unloaded trailer

Fetched potting soil, noticed hide was all open. Went there to close. Visitors book misplaced again, other folder dogeared. Wrote in book complaining.

Unloaded soil by potting shed. Took blanket stitch out of windscreen at platform and proceeded to dismantle.

Straightened sprinkler by empty drum. Removed Rob’s fridge from fovs room.

Watered trees in arboretum plus some pruning in small forest. Noticed mess by Pienaars bench. Checked tap on main picnic site.

Put sprinklers on to water weeded pots.